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California Solar Systems offers a variety of options for
homeowners looking to go solar.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) Are A Great Solar Option For Almost Anyone To Go Solar!

  • No upfront cost solar option We purchase the system for you. You do not pay for the system, permits, installation, or any other system startup costs. We have multiple programs that require no initial or down payment.
  • No Maintenance Since we own the system, we maintain it. It is connected to the internet and notifies us if anything goes wrong and we respond quickly to fix any issue(s). We guarantee our electric service!
  • You save money from day one Once your system is connected, the cost of your electricity drops to your new, low, solar rate. You do not need to wait years for a return onCalifornia Solar Systems_100 Percent Guarantee_Solar Options Image investment because there is no investment, but the savings are immediate!
  • You are protected against increasing energy costs Energy costs have been growing at high rates over the past three decades and are projected to keep increasing. Solar offers you secure protection from these rate increases in the future.

Going Solar Has Never Been Easier!

Homeowners in California can now take advantage of even more solar options and finance energy improvements with Ygrene, HERO, or California FIRST Financing Programs!

California PACE Programs are a great solar option. They are programs partnered with the government to offer convenient financing options to people who are looking to increase their homes’ energy efficiency and utilize renewable energy. Before the existence of the PACE programs, it was virtually impossible to receive financing for renewables. Now that the PACE programs are offered, it is fast and affordable to upgrade your property, with no upfront costs to you. The cost of the project is spread out over terms and is repaid with your property taxes, which ultimately makes the payment tax deductible. PACE programs such as Ygrene, CalFirst and Hero can save you more than traditional bank and credit card financing. California Solar Systems has worked with Hero since day one and helped launch the program as their largest selected solar contractor, leading to a mutually beneficial relationship. Thus, California Solar Systems is well versed in the PACE programs and can offer vital information and are essentially experts in this area. If you decide to sell your property, the payments transfer to the new owner, just like property tax would. Qualifying for the PACE programs has never been easier because it only takes minutes and there is no need for proof of employment or financial statements. Join the thousands of property owners who have taken advantage of the opportunity to start saving money and reduce their energy bills.Ygrene_Hero_California First Efficiency Financing_ Solar Options Image
  • $0 Down Payment Solar Option
  • You Claim the Tax Credit
  • No FICO Score Requirements
  • 100% of Installed Costs Financed
  • 5, 10, 15, or 20 Year Terms Available
  • Transferable if Property is Sold
  • Finance up to 10% of the Property Value
  • Payments are made with Property Taxes
  • Interest is Tax Deductible

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