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It’s easy to see if you qualify.

Do you qualify for zero down solar programs?

  • Is Your current electric bill over $150 per month?
  • Does your house have a south or west facing roof?
  • Do you have minimal shading from trees or buildings?
  • Is your credit score 700 or higher (HERO exempt)?

It is important to first find out if you qualify for our service. Only about 30% of homeowners actually qualify, but those who do begin saving immediately. Take a second to answer these questions.

If you answered YES to all four questions, your house is one step closer
to being eligible for a solar system with ZERO MONEY DOWN!

California-Solar-Systmes_houseIf your home qualifies –

  • You switch to a wholesale electric rate for free
  • Installation of your system is free
  • Monitoring and maintenance of your system is free
  • Your system is guaranteed for 20 years

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