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Zero Emission Day

Let’s put the cherry on top of Clean Up the World Weekend by acknowledging Zero Emission Day. Today is the day we work at reducing our fossil fuel energy. The idea is to take the day off of fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal. Yet that is not always easy to do especially on a Monday, after all we all have to work. So here at California Solar Systems we have created a checklist to help keep you in the Eco Friendly mood. Scroll down to check out our checklist and help you decide how you’re going to reduce your fossil fuels today.

California Solar Systems_Zero Emissions DAY

There are three types of fossil fuels- oil, natural gas and coal. Learn more

Zero Emission Day Check list

  1. Turn off the lights between 9:00am-6:00pm
  2. Take shorter showers
  3. Wash your hands, dishes and clothes in cold water
  4. Car pool, take a bus or ride a bike  to work
    • – Many employers have rideshare programs that pay for gas usage during your commute to work
    • – Check out the bus schedule in your area: Orange County | Fresno
    • – Many cities and private companies provide bike rentals: Orange County | Fresno
  5. Read a book and stay off line
  6. Meet a friend outside
  7. Go for a walk or visit one of California great parks
  8. Look for the EnergyGuide label on home appliances and purchase new more energy efficient products
  9. Switch your fans from summer mode to winter mode and turn off heating and air conditioning
  10. Check out 100 more way to save energy at home

Or go solar! Solar energy is a great alternative to traditional electrical. Solar energy reduces your fossil fuel imprint. The best way to save on solar is to make a free 15 minute appointment with us today.

Take a hour or two today to learn about the fossil fuel energy in your life

-California Solar Systems