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Zero Down Solar

Going Solar for ZERO Down and Saving Money Instantly has Never been Easier!

How do I get Zero Down Solar?

There are no gimmicks or hidden costs. Everything is spelled out in the detailed California Solar Systems lease quotation. The only major requirements are being the owner of the residential property and being able to satisfy the minimal credit score threshold. Otherwise in a typical installation, all the costs are taken care of and the homeowner isn’t required to make any payments until after the system has been fully installed and commissioned.

Every household varies in their needs and utility demands, the only way to know for sure if solar is something that would make sense for your home is to get a free zero-down solar lease from California Solar Systems today.

Zero-Down Solar Lease Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of a zero-down, fixed monthly solar lease is being able to lock in an affordable energy budget for the future. With the pricing available today, a homeowner can save $500, $1000, even $2000 a year off their current electric bill, and as utility rates rise, your savings will only continue to go up.

A major advantage of leasing is that the solar panel system is fully insured and protected with a full warranty for the entire 20 years.


How California Solar Systems Works


We conduct a Residential Electricity Service Analysis in which our technician evaluates your property to determine if our service is a good fit for you and your home.


Once we analyze the results, we provide you with your new electricity rate and the amount you will be saving each month.


Once installed, you immediately begin paying for your electricity at the new, flat, wholesale rate.

 Singing up for a ZERO Down Solar Option has never been EASIER!

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